Of beautiful skin, avocados, and….. Valentine’s Day.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?
It is traditionally a romance holiday celebrated with bouquets of red roses, heart-shaped boxes of cream filled chocolates, cozy dinners for two with a fine bottle of wine, and later, perhaps, sexy lingerie. But what is sexier than glowing, beautiful skin?
Our lotions are based on the highly emollient avocado oil, which is loaded with nutrients, and penetrates the skin more deeply than other plant oils. Its high level of fatty acids helps keep the skin moisturized and soft. So, while avocados would not be on a list for sexy items, certainly its contribution to your skin is.
Indulge yourself by treating yourself, with our natural beauty care products. Try our massage candle – light it, and within a minute you can delve into the warm, emollient oil, and massage your partner, or yourself, for an inviting, soothing, and deliciously scented, moisturizing oil.
So, on this holiday of love – give your skin a Valentine!

Category : News Posted on February 12, 2015