Horseman’s Naturals

A little Horse Sense from Avocado Dreamin…

What’s “Horseman’s Therapy Naturals”?

It’s starts with our Horseman’s Therapy Hands Down Hand & Body Lotion.  Our completely natural plant-based formula uses Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter & Aloe Extract. It is gently fragranced with Orange & Lavender Essential Oils, to make this all natural & all wonderful lotion for hands & body, & for Men & Women! A nourishing moisturizer that’s never greasy, contains NO Parabens, NO Chemical Fragrance, NO Artificial Color, & is absolutely NEVER tested on animals…   We promise!

Horsesman’s Therapy Natural Products:

New England Cold, Arizona Sun, or Santa Ana Winds are no match for
our Horseman’s Therapy Lips Fixed Lip Balm.  Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil & a gentle touch of Sweet Orange Oil create this nourishing, all natural Silky Smooth formula; fixes dry, chapped, cracked lips & keeps them fixed!

After a morning of lifting stall mats, stacking bales, & cleaning tack, or even after spending some time in the garden, barn or workshop, treat those over worked feet to our revitalizing Horseman’s Therapy HoofinIt.  Natural Dead Sea Salt, Mineral Salt, Epsom Salt with Peppermint & Rosemary Essential Oils soothe,  refresh, & revive…

Treat yourself to some Horseman’s Therapy SmoothMe Salt Scrub with Dead Sea Salt & Botanical Essential Oils. Use it to smooth & soothe rough heels, elbows, & your whole body!

Now… Finish off with some of our Horseman’s Therapy Hands Down.

Hard Work NEVER Felt this Good Until… “Horseman’s Therapy”!

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