Of beautiful skin, avocados, and ……horses


HorseProfileWe will soon be bidding 2014 adieu. However, as this year was the Year of the Horse, we thought the end of this year was a good time to share the story of how the scent for our Horseman’s Therapy, and our sweet orange, lavender Avocado Dreamin lotions became developed. After testing, and trying various configurations of essential oils – the final approval, in fact, was granted by horses!
Equine olfactory senses are extraordinarily sensitive. They are far superior to that of humans. As a matter of fact, it has been speculated that horses find their way back home, in unfamiliar territory, or in a blizzard, by retracing the scent from their own hoof prints and manure. Their range is far, enabling them to pick up the faint scent of a predator. Through their acute sense of smell, horses are able to distinguish between many different odors.
Lavender oil is known for its calming effects, and use in stress relief. It is the safest of the essential oils, and is currently a popular use in helping to alleviate tension in horses, as well as people. This lovely oil also helps to boost stamina and energy. Orange essential oil lends a refreshing and sweet scent, in addition to its uplifting, and anti-cancer properties.
Our goal was to achieve the best mixture of these two oils to produce a heavenly scent , that would be appealing and sweetly aromatic in a subtle and pleasing way, while offering therapeutic benefits .
Founder and President, Vikki, went to her horses. She tested by rubbing her lotions on their hooves, and closely observing their reaction. They let her know when she hit the perfect combination. Vikki was right in trusting her instincts. The first comment people make, when testing our lotions, is on the sumptuous and refreshing fragrance!


Category : News Posted on December 18, 2014