A Spa Treat

Avocado Dreamin’ Body Glow Salt Polish
Paint drop cloth
2 Bed sheets
2 Cold Cucumber Slices (or Used Tea Bags ~ preferably herbal)
Clock or Timer

Lay plastic drop cloth on comfortable reclining chair or bed.

Lay bed sheet on top of the drop cloth

Place cucumber slices or tea bags and clock/timer nearby.

Wet skin in shower or bath.

Massage Body Polish over your entire body using circular motion,
applying more pressure when moving towards the heart,
less when moving away.

Start with your the tops of your feet,
then legs, buttocks, abdomen.

Stroke up and down each side of your body-from hips to underarms in order to stimulate and massage all the lymph nodes.

Then hands, arms, neck, back and breasts.
Take your time.

When massaging your abdomen, move your hands clockwise to
follow your large intestine to help move toxins outs.

Caution: Do not apply Body Polish to the bottoms of the your feet
in order to avoid slipping and falling!

Wrap yourself loosely in the second bed sheet and recline on your chair or bed.
Use Caution: Oil will make bath surfaces slippery. Use extra care!

Place the cucumber slices or tea bags on your eyelids.

Relax for 20-30 minutes.
Stop your internal dialogue…known as monkey chatter.
If your mind is still busy & you are thinking too much,
try counting your breath to “Four”.
Inhale, Exhale-think “one”, inhale-think “and”, exhale-think “two”,
inhale-think “and”, exhale think “three”, inhale-think “and”, exhale-think
“four”, inhale-think “and”, exhale-think “one” and so on.
Think of nothing else. Just counting your breaths.
When your mind wanders, gently bring it back to counting.

When your time is up, thoroughly rinse off the salt.
Again, use a circular massaging motion, applying more pressure
when moving towards the heart.

Dry off.

Your skin with be silky smooth. Your spirits filled with joy & peace.

Discard the cucumber slices or tea bags.
Toss the sheets in the wash.
Drop cloth can be folded stored for your next treatment.