March, 2013

Avocado Dreamin Lip Balm…not just for lips!!!!

I recently had some friends tell me how they LOVE our Avocado Dreamin lip balms, and some of the ways they use it besides on their lips. So I tested what they told me, and it works great!!  So I’m sharing… 1. From Robin: Not just for chapped lips, but for chapped skin, too. Cold, […]

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Avocados: Good for you inside and out….

Want to know more about avocados for the inside of you? Here are some facts from the California Avocado Commission: Avocado nutrition fact #1: Avocados are naturally cholesterol free! Avocado nutrition fact #2: When used instead of other fats, avocados can be a satisfying addition to a calorie-reduced diet. Avocado nutrition fact #3: The avocado […]

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